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have you mastered the art of influence yet?

In the midst of hail thrashing my house (yes,
time to shut it down again!), I am doing a HUGE
happy dance!

Powerful storms for sure, but I HAVE to get this
out to you right now (before it's time to shut
things off)

I have a special gift for you that you'll find
very useful - but first I must brag on my
students...2 new bestselling authors!

count 'em...TWO on the same day!
Yeah baby!

I am positively FLYING!

As a dedicated teacher, there is no greater joy
than to watch my students succeed!

Earlier this afternoon, Kristin Cenderelli, author
of "Have a love Affair...with Yourself" went to
#1 bestseller, surpassing PhDs and other
impressive people in her category.

Her book is at http://ProfitableStorytelling.com/kristin

And Jeremy Boone, author of Parent Your Best
just became a bestseller and has his eye on the
#1 prize position.

Jeremy was all worried that he wasn't going to
make it, but I told him he was already a bestselling
author and is likely going to hit that #1 with
just a little more coaxing.

His book is great for parents with kids in sports, and it's
at http://profitablestorytelling.com/jeremy

I DO buy my students' books to support their launch,
even though most of them have the good grace to
send me one. <big grin>

Kristin and Jeremy - you have no idea how proud I am of
you for your inspired action and follow-through!

OK - now let me take a breath and give you your gift.

Anyone who has a message,  products or services to
bring into the world, you need to tap into the mind of your
ideal customers, right?

That shouldn't be a news flash for you.

I don't know if you've heard of Joe Sugarman, but he is
one of the most gifted copywriters and sales trainers ever.

I had the great thrill of meeting him at a seminar. He's quite
a character! And a genius.

I want you to do yourself the favor of accepting a free audio
training that teaches you how to use your power of influence
by tapping into 29 psychological triggers that cause people
to make decisions.

Go to http://ProfitableStorytelling.com/triggers now and
get the audios. You'll be glad you did...

because even if you desire to write a book or create a
product that supports a charity, you STILL need to tap
into people's needs and desires in order to cause them to

So go ahead and get your FR.E.E training now
--> http://profitableStorytelling.com/triggers.

Follow your bliss!


PS Wanna be the next Jeremy, Kristin, Cynthia, Julianne
or Chiwah? (my spring 2011 crop of bestselling authors)?

If you're ready to actually quit thinking about
being an author and instead get that book written this
month (or sooner not later), time to get on it!
I make it EASY --> http://ProfitableStorytelling.com/easywrite


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