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Meet The Sokule Stars
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Meet The Sokule *Stars* ***

I want to thank Jaye Pause, one of our
fabulous Sokule founders for this great
idea that we just added to the Sokule
Members area.

Want to meet the stars of Sokule?

You can now.

Just become a member of Sokule and log into
your members area and go to the second box
in members area with the Star on it.

Sokule Stars are those who have achieved
the rank of Sokule Achiever which means
they have over 1000 trackers at Sokule.

Click on their pictures and you will see
they have three flahsing stars on their
postit pages.

Way to go gang.
Congratulations to all our Sokule Stars

Your list of trackers will serve you well
as we barrel into 2010.

How did our Stars do it?

Three Ways:

They promote Sokule and, everytime they do,
their sign ups automatically track them.
That is a fabulous way to build a list of
trackers. Grab an ad from our promotion
tools area and let people know about Sokule.

They use Sokens to make an offer to invite
or induce people to track them. Everyone
at Sokule can do this. Just go to the Sokens
box (bottom left side of the first set of
icons in your members area) and put in an
offer-any offer. People will track you that
way. See the simple instructions on how to
do this once you click on Sokens icon.

They use our new site, Kule Track, which gets
you Sokule trackers and Twitter followers
at the same time. If you haven't joined it
yet, do so now. It is fr*ee to join and
it will really speed up your list building
both at Sokule and Twitter.


By the time the ball in New York City hits
the ground on December 31, I want to see you,
[fname] in the circle of Sokule stars.

Follow them and do what they do and you
will shine all throughout the new year.

Thanks again,Jaye,for this fabulous idea.
When our members speak, we listen.

Go Get Um


Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc


PS Yesterday we added a new application at
Sokule. It is called Image Squeek and it lets
you post a Image with your Sokule Post.

Bronze Plus, Silver and Gold and Founding
members of Sokule have access to this new
application right now. Bronze plus members,
if you would like to add this on, you can
purchase it for 3.00 per month by going to
the post message box and clicking on the icon
at the top of the box next to "Talk to me"

This is a really nifty feature that makes
your posts at Sokule stand out from all the
rest. I highly recommend it to you.

In a noisey world it is important to get
your words noticed. Images speak loud and
clear. Use them.


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