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Stop Paying High Gas Prices

Price At The Pump Rising, Cut Your Fuel Cost 67%

Every day the price of oil goes up and so does the price of gasoline and diesel fuel.

$4.00 a gallon.  It's time to save 67% on your gasoline or diesel fuel costs.

You can't afford to ignore the numbers. 67% savings on fuel adds up fast. If you're that driver
spending $100 a week, wouldn't you rather only pay $33 a week and save $3,484 a year.

It's easy to do with Simple Water Fuel. With Simple Water Fuel you use 67% less fuel and get better
performance from your car with fewer emissions.

You must know how much your spending on gasoline or diesel fuel. Do the math at 67% savings and see
how much money you could save.  Then go to the Simple Water Fuel web site.

Simple Water Fuel works on Gasoline or Diesel engines. Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUV's, ATV's, Motor Homes,
Buses, Boats, tractors, and more.

And, Simple Water Fuel can qualify you for a $2,000  IRS Tax Break.

Go to the Simple Water Fuel web site and spend less time at the gas pump.

SimpleWaterFuel,  http://www.mywaterfuel.info

Bruce Nutting, Marketing Representative for Simple Water Fuel.  Email, mywaterfuel@gmail.com


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