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Huh? Give away free videos and make money?

I've got some great news today...

If you're new to marketing online you're going
to love what I'm about to share with you!

We recently surveyed our podcast listeners and
discovered that most of our listeners have
been online for less than 6 months.

Many of them don't have a domain registered and
want to know about the basics, like setting up
a hosting account and creating their very first


We have put together 17 on-screen videos and
now you can watch over our shoulder as we take
you step-by-step through each task.

You'll learn how to:

* Register a domain name
* Get a hosting account set-up
* Upload a webpage
* Create a Word Press blog with one click
* Set-up your very first auto-responder
* Generate the HTML code needed to capture leads
* and tons more...!

Now, if you're a more experienced marketer with
a list of your own, you're in luck... Because
special bonus video #18 reveals how you can make
boatloads of green just for telling your list
about these awesome videos!

Oh yeah, the cost of the videos...

Are you ready for this...

Drum roll....


That's right, they are 100% free!

At this point you may be thinking...

"Just how in the world am I going to make money
giving away free videos?"

(it's not what you think either)

Take a look at what's going on here:




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