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Remember When Gmail Was Marketer Friendly?

Hello Fellow Marketer,

How many sites have you signed up with in the past that
recommended you use gmail as your Email Provider? Heck,
we're one of them!

Why do they, or we, do that?

Because gmail used to be recognized as Marketer friendly
and would allow us to do business without trying to take
control of our inboxes.

Well, apparently the big boys and girls at gmail decided
some time ago to start behaving like the control freaks at
yahoo, hotmail, and other providers. Their filters are on
the rise and soon they will be just like the others.

Let us ask you a question...

Who do you want to handle your emails which you depend on
for your livelihood, corporate executives that view our
industry as a nuisance, or two marketers just like us?

Colin and Frank came up with a killer solution of providing
a site that is an Email Provider and List Builder combined!

These are two guys that have been in our industry for a long
time, know their stuff.. AND.. understand our needs as

Will gmail continue to tighten their filters on us? Who knows,
but for us, we would rather start making the transition over
to a Provider of our own like Colin and Frank's site at the
maximum upgraded level.

Think of it this way.. this site is the Gold and Silver rush
of our industry. Those that position themselves now WILL BE
the winners later on.

Your inbox is like the hammer is for a carpenter, it's probably
the most important tool you have as a Marketer.

It's better to position yourself now versus scrambling later
on if other Providers decide they don't want to deal with us

Trust us, if we didn't believe in this site as an industry
solution, we would not be integrating it into SOTAM like we

Don't hesitate, join today if you haven't already!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb

P.S. Don't forget to plug in your VIB email in the Edit Details
area on State-Of-The-Art-Mailer. We can assure you 100 percent
guaranteed deliverability of our emails if you do.

P.P.S. If you only upgrade on one site this year, make it this
one. The growth is already happening and it WILL become huge
because the industry veterans know the potential of this site..


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