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How to Gain your Customer’s Trust?
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Most of us don’t do business with people we don’t trust. It really doesn’t matter how low the prices are, usually when people don’t trust a company, they won’t buy from them-period! So what do you do to gain the trust of your prospect?

First, make sure you spend a lot deal of time on the internet. Look around at competitor’s websites. Be the customer so you can see how bad it can be. Then make sure your visitors don’t experience any of these things! Your prospects have millions of websites they can buy from online, so do some competitive research and learn what you can do to make your business stand out.

Customers are not likely to buy from you on their first visit to your website. It takes time to build trust. You need to build a reputation and relationship with your prospects first. So it is imperative that you develop some method of getting your customers to return to your site over and over. You may want to start a newsletter, or a contest, anything to grab their attention and keep them returning to your website. You’re not likely to make a sale if you don’t!

If you want your prospects to believe in your product or opportunity, believe in it yourself first! A professional is in it for the long term. Over time your customers will notice your enthusiasm and confidence for your business. So don’t fake it, believe in your business and they will follow!

You can’t ignore this bit of information about the net: The best web design has been estimated to be 20 times more effective than the worst.  If you want to be trusted like a pro, look like one! Keep your website design clean and easy to navigate! Your customers are spending their hard-earned money to buy from you, so give them the confidence and assurance that they’re making a good choice.

A common technique in advertising is to bury the important key facts. If your product is $99, tell them it’s $99! If there are any facts that your customer would want to know before buying, you should let them know, otherwise you will have a very unhappy customer demanding a refund afterwards!  Your prospects want the information they’re looking for immediately. If you make them have to dig to find it, they’ll be gone!

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