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Great Way To Start The Week

Good Morning,

 It's Monday, and if you're an online marketer, starting the week with a sale would be great. Generally though, that's not how it is.  Most of us are not getting the sales volume we would like. As marketers, we are constantly being bombarded with the latest traffic and marketing methods.

How much of it really works? We know social media works. Facebook, Twitter and the platform where this message is coming from, Sokule, all get the message out.

So how about "how we present the message"? Is your presentation working? Statistics are showing that video is the dominant presentation method. Video marketing is easier than you think.

Have you heard of Staged? Staged makes video marketing as easy as 1,2,3. Here's how, 1. Pick a video for your stage. ( from youtube, or any video source, or make your own ).  2. Place your banner and text ads on your stage. ( With Staged you get a free instant banner creator ). And 3. Send your Stage out. ( through social sites, email campaigns, ad sites, etc. Your Stage goes viral because people love to share videos and pass them on.

How expenxive is Staged? $24 a month. A bargain. You get multiple Staged backgrounds to pick from, free instant banner creator, hit tracking on your Staged videos and hit tracking on the ads you place on your stage. Plus, you can create as many stages as you want. Change the ads or the video on the stage any time you want. And unlike so many other tedious marketing methods, Staged is fun. Pick out you favorite videos, put your ads on, click send.

Take a look at Staged for yourself,     http://www.staged.com/learn/cashriver

This is a powerful and affordable online marketing tool.

Have a great day, Bruce Nutting


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