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The Noose Tightens Jane's Sunday Sermon
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The Noose Tightens Jane's Sunday Sermon

Good Morning Sokulers,

I thought I knew everything there is to
know about dogs.

I have owned and trained dozens of them
in my life.

Yesterday, I got the scare of my life.

I walked into my living room and my 2 Year
old pup, Cuddles, was playing on our couch
which he does all the time.

At least I thought he was playing.

He was tossing around a pillow-one that
he always plays with.

I walked up to him to give him a great
big smooch and I realized he was not
playing at all.

Wrapped tight around his neck was a cord
from one of the pillows and he was frantically
trying to get untangled from the cord.

I tried to remove it with my hands.
I tried to loosen it.
It would not budge.

I ran to get a scissors and could not see
where to start cutting.

I kept my fingers between the tangled cord
and his neck hoping it would not get tighter
as I struggled to free him from these knots.

I screamed for my partner, Phil, who was
in another part of the house who tried,
in vein to untie the knot with his hands.

The cord was white and matched the shiny
white fur around Cuddles neck making it
almost impossible to determine where the
cord ended and his neck began.

Phil grabbed the scissors from me and in his
haste to cut the cord, I saw blood oozing
from one of his fingers.

Finally, in what seemed like an eternity,
he managed to free Cuddles from the three
times around his neck twisted cord.

As if nothing at all had happened, Cuddles
rose up on his hind feet and pulled himself
up to his full 29 inches height and planted
a wet lick on Phil's face.

Then he hoped off the couch to grab one of
his favorite balls, hoped back onto the
couch, cocked his head to one side with the
ball still in mouth and said to Phil...

"Okay, Throw! It's time to Play"

I sank back onto the couch knowing how
close I had come to losing him.

I took both the square pillows with their
tying cords and tossed them into the
garbage pail knowing that that would be the
last time anything with a rope tied on it
would be in any part of my home.

I thought I knew all the puppy tricks there
were and how to safely puppy proof my house.

Turns out I was wrong. Pillow ties were not
on the list.

The Noose Tightens...Jane's Sunday Sermon

As the noose tightened around my beautiful
puppy, I realized how helpless I was
to act in the face of a potential disaster
and what a terrible feeling that is.

I paused to review the week that had
just passed before me.

A week in which...

We witnessed 7 US states upended by the
unyielding devastation of tornados- the
pictures of which brought back the horror
of the recent earthquakes in Japan.

The Noose Tightens.

In Libya and Syria, citizens of both those
countries continued to fight and to die to
unloosen the ropes of years of oppression.

The Noose Tightens.

8 Soldiers died in Afghanistan this week
while the Taliban announced to the world
that a new Spring offensive would soon begin.

Spring is supposed to renew life but all
over the world, this Spring season, seems
bent on hanging out a sign. "No Rebirth
this Year"

The Noose Tightens.

A baby Polar bear is lost in the oil fields
of Alaska and finally rescued but needs a home.

A vulgar, small, race baiting, man from New York
gets his come up-pence as a President and
a comedian and the press have the last
word at the Correspondents dinner last night.

Town halls across the US this week produced
poignant scenes of Senior citizens scrambling to 
protect their rights to health care in their
old age and those of their children while 
heartless men explained in excruciating, detailed
charts how this medicine would be good for them.
They were not buying what these snake oil salesmen 
were selling.

One presidential candidate threatened
to hang the President-a charming reminder
of America's checkered history.

In Indiana middle class, poor and elderly women
lost their access to health care so that a
Governor might test the presidential waters.

Where is Robin Hood when you need him?

We found out this week that the US has
lost 5,500 square miles since 2000, a land
mass loss larger than the size of Connecticut
and 5 times the size of Rhode Island

The explanation for this was that...

some of the decline may have resulted from erosion, 
hurricane damage and rising sea levels.

Not to worry. Soon there will not be any
sand to bury our heads in.

A space shuttle failed to take off this week
as if to remind us all just how tight the noose
is becoming as our dreams of reaching beyond
ourselves to explore a never ending universe get 
crushed in a sea of red ink with people outdoing 
themselves in a rush to the bottom.

A brave and determined congresswoman sat
recovering from a gunshot wound to her head
eager to watch her astronaut husband venture to
the skies. It was not to be on that day.

For a brief moment a prince and a princess
caught the world's attention as if to say
enough! Beauty and dignity still exist somewhere
in the world and moments of joy mixed with
tradition came to triumph briefly over death
and destruction.

As I sat on my couch on Friday recovering from a 
personal scare and an entanglement from which
I felt my small, loving puppy would not
recover, I reflected on one week of a world
gone mad and wondered if I would be always
feel as helpless to effect the course of
events as I did that day in the comfort of
my own home.

I picked up my soft, beautifully colored
black and white puppy, held him close
for a few minutes and vowed to do better
this week than I had the week before.

Celebrate this Sunday and if you can help
untie the noose around just one person's
neck this week, do it.

One small action can make all the difference.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: To visit my very much alive puppy and
give him some words of cheer, please go here
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PPS: Did you know that Cuddles has 4372
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for a pup who can't get out of the fixes
he gets himself into.












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