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You think they got rich by guessing about advertising?

Do you pay internet gurus to make your wallet lighter? I'll guru-you for free: Use the maximum amount of ads offered in every source. Have you posted all your banners & text-ads? Test & TRACK EVERYTHING! You'll see a definite focus on some of your banners & subject-lines! Think up new subject-lines to get your emails opened! Look at your banner stats & if you're not getting clicks, change your banners.  Don't just plop your banners around the internet and never look back, look at your banner stats on a regular basis.  Lots of safelists offer you the ability to post banners, check them often and see if they're getting frequent clicks.

How do wealthy advertisers get wealthy? Not just by advertising everywhere, but also by watching closely where their traffic and paid signups are coming from, and re-using those money-pulling methods over & over.

Tracking will let you know instantly, on the same day, if any change of subject-line in your email ads has caused you a loss or gain, if the body of the email is the same, and it goes to the same URL, and the only thing you changed is the subject-line and you see a dramatic gain or loss of click-thru's, then you'll know it was because of the change of subject-line. Are you tracking every aspect of your advertising efforts to pinpoint your results? Pinpoint accuracy has made a lot of people wealthy because it WORKS.


Also...using a usually-great ad and getting bad results from an ad source will tell you that ad source isn't pulling for you. 

Where can you find a great tracking system that offers you the ability to track tons of links, banners, splash pages, ad sources, subject-lines?  

This is a great one that's exclusive only to EZ Wealth Solution members...and you can use it to track your advertising for ANY business you promote, and rake in money by putting focus on what DOES work for you, and save money by not using paid ad sources that aren't pulling for you, stop using banners that nobody is clicking on, and pinpoint which subject-lines ARE getting your emails opened, and which ad sources are bringing in great results or no results...you can track & test 300 portals (ad sources) and enter 50 URLs into each, that can drive traffic and get results for 15,000 links for you.




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