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FTP/MySQL/Crons/Stylesheets and more revealed!

Have you ever tried to follow the instructions from an eBook or video product, but end up fustrated and put-off simply because it was never covered step-by-step?

Maybe you were left in the cold about..

*Setting up a MySQL database?

*Using your cPanel?

*Setting up Email accounts?

*Creating a landing page?

*Adding a web-capture form?

*Using style sheets?

*Setting up cron jobs?

*Installing a script?

*Creating an eBook?

*Creating a zip file?

*Creating a PDF?

*Creating a mini-site?

*Creating PayPal buttons?

*Creating 2Checkout buttons?

*Creating ClickBank order links?

*Working with cells and tables?

*Adding audio to your website?

*Creating a redirect?

*Modifying your 404 error pages?

*Working with Fantasico?

and so on..

I can list many more but I'll get to the point.

All those little kinks that they assume you already know can *FINALLY* be taught all in one place!

Check it out here; http://shortquik.com/Newbies/


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