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Romeo and Juliet.... a poem! With apologies to Shakespear


         Romeo and Juliet,

         Twas in a cafe where they met,

         Twas in a cafe where they parted,

         Cause Romeowed, what Juliate !


  You must admit that is a nice play on words.

  When it comes to playing with words, there is no

  better place to be than on Kulesearch!

  There are millions of words and phrases

  many of which can be bought for as little

  as 20 cents.   When you sell those same words

  you get  your money back PLUS a commission!

  You can buy the same word back, over and over

  and each time you sell it your commission


  You can also link your own sites to those keywords

  and then get listed at the top of the various 

  search enginmes.   If you own the word or phrase

  you can link to it for free.  You can still link to a word

  or  phrase even if someone else owns it, costing

  between 20 Cents and $20.   This can be a very cheap

  way of promoting your websites to many 1,000's of

  viewers around the internet!

  You can join for FREE and fund your account with

  as little as $10 or if you have some spare "green stuff"

  do as I did and take out a silver membership for all

  the additional benefits.

  For anyone joining from my link within the next 7 days, 

  as a free member, I will give them 10,000 Sokens.

  If you join as a Silver member I will give you 100,000


  Either way send me an email to :- kdpanamdan@gmail.com

  with  "I Joined Kulesearch"  in the subject box and proof of

  purchase of the Kulebucks and I will do the rest.


   Here's the link:-http://trakim.biz/ca04


   Wishing You Success

   (in whatever you do)


   Keith Darby




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