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Derby Ca*sh Contest. Enter Today. Win Ca*sh Tomorrow
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Derby Ca*sh Contest. Enter Today. Win Ca*sh Tomorrow

Hi [fname]

I always know the winner of the Kentucky
Derby and it is always me.

Some of you know my secret. I revealed it
last year at this time and it is simply this...

I wheel all the horses on a 1 dollar exacta
with all the other horses and at the end
of the day, I always have a winning ticket:)

I don't suggest that anyone follow my plan
It's great fun but it cost a bunch of
money and sometimes, if two favorties come
in, you lose your shirt or your dress my case:)

But it's fun to know you have a winner
no matter what happens.

And you can have a winner in your hand today

You won't even have to buy a ticket for the Derby but...

You will have to do this.

1) Be a member of KuleSearch where we have
fun all day long


2) To enter the contest you will need to
fund your account today, Derby day, with
25 bucks or more and then...

Pay attention here...

This is nifty

If you come closest to what the 1 exacta will
pay when the Derby is over, you can win 100

Here are the rules

First fund your account

Next email me your best guess of what the
1 exacta bet will pay when the Derby is

Make any guess you like. Your guess is as
good as anyone else's

You must email me before 5.00 pm est today
with your answer.

And here is what your answer must contain

 Your full name, your kulesearch username,
your payment receipt for 25 Kulebucks or
more. your paypal or alertpay address
and marked like this

PP for paypal email
AP for alertpay email

Your answer as to what the 1.00 exacta will pay
when the race is over.

Note: A 1 exacta is one half of what the exacta pays

So if you think the exacta will pay 10.00
your answer to me should be 5.00

The Prize is 100 bucks Ca*sh to your
paypal or alertpay account.

The Winner will be the person who comes
closest to the actual anwer and your
ansewr must be within 1000.00 of what
the exacta actually is at the end of the race.

So lets recap.

1) Fund your KuleSearch account today
with 25 bucks or more.

2) email me with your full name, kulesearch
username, payment receipt dated today for
KuleSearch, your paypal or alertpay email

and your best guess of what the 1.00 exacta
will pay at the end of the Kentucky derby.

3) All answers must be in my email box
by 5.00 pm est today

4) The one who is closest to the actual
1.00 exacta payout (within 1000.00) will win.
In case of a tie, the first one into my email
box is the winner.

5) The Prize is 100.00 ca*sh

6) It will be paid to you tomorrow, May 8th
if you are the winner.

7) No owners, agents or employees of Sokule
or KuleSearch may enter this contest.


We always have fun at KuleSearch.
If you are not a member yet, join us right here


Then come have a mint julip with us, don your
Derby hat and enter the Derby Contest today
Be quick. 5.00 pm is right around the corner.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc






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