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The Government, The Elections, The Lavatory (UPDATE Politics, South African Style) Just see the photos!

 South Africa has nationwide municipal elections coming up soon - on 18 May 2011

With good reason, the fiercest point of electioneering combat has been Service Delivery ...

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) has for many years taken its support for granted, basking in its (now rather worn-out) image of Liberation Movement. Alas, the old ANC of Oliver Thambo and Nelson Mandela has degenerated into a trough-feeding group of cronies in governance, with no interest in improving the lot of the desperately poor African majority of the population.

At every level of governance -- National, Provincial and Municipal -- "service delivery" in the ANC has become a matter of winning tenders for your own, or your close relations, business interests. And this full-scale corruption has taken its cue from the top -- from the State President himself, Jacob Zuma.

Now the Nation stares in wonder, or howls with laughter, or swoons in horror, as the humble CRAPPER has taken centre stage in all the pre-election news ...

For it emerges that one ANC-led municipality after another has supplied lavatories for the poor at their free government-supplied housing, but in case after case has never ENCLOSED THE LOO ... and many of these have stood like this for TEN YEARS!


Where Are You Going Today?



  [ Image from the Mail & Guardian, 13 May 2011 ]


Skip to My Loo

 The toilets of Rammulotsi are not all unenclosed. ANC-supporting residents were at pains to draw the Mail & Guardian's attention to this very definitely enclosed lavatory, one of several near the estimated 1 600 open stalls at the centre of the scandal that has gripped the nation in the week before the local government elections. (Madelene Cronjé, M&G)


 [ Image and text from the Mail & Guardian, 12 May 2011 ]


 PS: The liberal opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, is enjoying an increase in support ...


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