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New Advertising Method With Upside-Down Commissions... Jaye and Brad Like This One!
Hello Fellow Marketer,

We were surfing the other day and ran across a website that
was launched from one of our members at SOTAM... Paul

It's called vTrafficRush which is very original, very viral, and it
will give us a chance to work with some of our members in a
team effort.

We are often swamped with J.V. requests and it is rare that
we will join something post market like this. However, we
just couldn't resist this original design and when we saw the
upside-down compensation plan... we contacted Paul and said
we were in!

The site speaks for itself when you see it but here's a brief
snapshot of how it works:

==> Click through the 6 Banners to gain access.
==> Once done, you can enter your own banner in the site.

Now, here's where it gets exciting...

==> Upgrade to pro to add additional banners (up to 5 total)
and they rotate on your referral downline pages 5 levels deep.
==> The Viral Pool purchase option throws all 5 of your banners
in a pool that gets you a ton of impressions and passively promotes
your business offers without any effort!
==> Upside-Down commissions create an incentive for your upline
to promote for you!

5th level commissions pay 40 percent so once we get our initial
group in, we will begin promoting our downlines' links as that is
where the money is.

Join now.. this is cool and cheap!



Jaye Pause and Brad Webb


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