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Friday the 13th Hmmm..
Media File

Friday the 13th Hmmm..


I woke up this morning and realized it was
Friday the 13th. Hmmm...

Normally I am not superstitious but this
morning I tripped over a black cat.

Of course it was my black cat, so you could
say that really doesn't count:)

I renovated my office yesterday and threw
out a chair that I just found out was worth
hundreds of dollars. Hmmm...

I just found out that a company(that shall
remain nameless for the time being) and
owes me over 13,000 has no intention of
paying it due to "corrupted files"

Sounds more like corruption to me:)


Not an auspicious beginning of a Friday
the 13th and the day is young. It's only
7.30 am as I am typing this to you.

So if it seems like your luck may be running out,
I have a good alternative for you.

Go win a prize at KuleCash

We don't belive in Friday the 13th at KuleCash
The prizes never run out.
The Mailer is always at the ready.

Go buy a Keyword at KuleSearch

I just bought Friday the 13th for 30 cents
over at KuleSearch and it is today's
special keyword. I imagine you can probably
clean up on this one.

We don't corrupt the files over there so
you will have a record of all your pruchases
and sales and payments made to you.

And then go post about KuleCash and KuleSearch
sites over at Sokule where you can post
to 86 Social Media sites and targeted blogs
with just 1 click and get sign ups and sales
all day long for any site you are promoting


Friday the 13th Bah humbug.

Oh good word:)

I just bought it at KuleSearch-Cost 20 cents.

Stay out of trouble.

go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: If you have a possible corrupted file story
for me, please contact me at:


I am putting together some short stories
on "corrupted files" on the net and I would
love to hear yours.


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