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Unlimited 42-State Powerball Tickets For YOU:

I just received my 52nd consecutive monthly commission check from Lotto Magic! 

I've been with this red-hot business since January 2007.  It's been worldwide for over 15 years and some members have raked in over $5,000 per month.  My best month was over $1,200 and I've also won 10% of a Florida Lotto pool in July 2009 that was over $5,000 so I received over $500 from a 2nd-level downliner's ticket!


We get 10% of the winnings from UNLIMITED Florida Lotto AND 42-state Powerball tickets when any of our 5-level downliners wins anything...and if our own ticket wins, we get 50% and the rest is divided equally to the 5 people above us each getting 10%

There's MORE:  We get monthly recurring commissions up to $50 per each personal signup, and up to $4 per downliner in levels 2 thru 5!  That can really add up to a ton of RESIDUAL monthly income! 

Lotto Magic has had a longterm "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau, it's probably the ONLY club that's with the BBB! 

This is rock-solid, it's been located at the same address in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida the entire time for over 15 years, and with the same ownership!

Take my word on it as an experienced marketer, Lotto Magic is one of the best MLM companies out there, anywhere, online and offline!  This has dominated the mail-order industry since 1996, and for good reason, it's the real deal.  Now it's also been online for 6 years and the VIDEO on the site will help close your signups FOR YOU!

Join today as a POWER CAPTAIN and you'll have tickets in EVERY twice-weekly drawing of Florida Lotto AND 42-state Powerball for the entire month of June, PLUS you'll rake in $50 monthly recurring commissions on EVERY person you refer to this benefits club...and $4 monthly recurring commissions for every person they refer on levels 2 thru 5!  Soon your passive income from your downliners can far outweigh your personal referral income!

==>> Just 2 personal signups will cover your own cost, and then all your lottery tickets will be FREE for YOU...and and then all winnings & referral commissions you rake in after that will be the icing on the cake!

Can you find 1 person each week of your first month who's eager to join as a Power Captain?
If every Power Captain just gets 4 signups of Power Captains, and that's all each member ever brings in, just 4 signups of Power Captains, we'll each earn over $5,500 per month, nearly $66,500 within 1 year, plus 100,000's of ultimately FREE tickes in Powerball and Florida Lotto for the year!

Kathleen VanBeekom



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