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Jaye and Brad's :::Other::: Passive Income Source!

I have just got to tell you this..

... And take heed to this,
as it's truly an incredible
opportunity for you!

My partner Brad Webb and I
have been making really easy
 with this incredible
business opportunity that we
got in to 3 months ago..

Let me tell you this..

We've been SO busy with the
development of our new system,
that we've had absolutely NO
time to promote
 anything else..

We've consistently been getting
paid by GoGo20 every
Wednesday, without even
promoting it!

Talk about passive income!

Between us both, we've cycled
782 times earning us $15,640!!

... I'll say that again...

In 3 months, we've earned a
combined income of $15,640!!

Don't wait any longer on this
one, seriously.. The owners have
set their goal to create 100,000
financially independent people,
shouldn't you be one of those?


All the best,

Jaye Pause & Brad Webb


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