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More About That Secret. . . The Best CompensationPlan Ever!!



The mystery continues to unravel! Log into your FREE PreLaunchBuilder account to learn the details about our incredible, "One of a kind" compensation plan where EVERYONE GETS PAID!

It is no accident that you landed on this page. Call it Fate, Destiny,
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PreLaunch of the Decade.

Join our FREE PreLaunch Team Builder Today and start building
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No need to pull out your wallet. It won't cost you anything to
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Check out some of the highlights below...

No Sponsoring Required In Order To Earn
Break Even With Only 2 - Can Be From Sponsoring Or Spillover
No Cap On Income, Even If You Are a Newbie or Are Purely Passive
Significant Monthly Residual - Again, Even for Being Passive
Huge Reward System for Leaders - This is a Game Changer
We've Taken 2 Popular Business Models, Stripped Away All The
Negatives, and Created a New, Never Before Seen, Hybrid System
Designed to Reward Everyone.
Very affordable Price Point - Attracts The Masses
Absolutely NO Company Breakage
Company Pays Out 87.5% of All Revenues
Massive Spillover During AND After PreLaunch
The 98/2 Rule Will NOT Apply With This Model
A Product Everyone Wants But Most Cannot Afford

Lock in your spot at the top FREE right now.
There is yet more info
coming n our next and final release coming in just days! We'll be
announcing he formal company brand, the launch timeline and will
activate the ability o upgrade your account and formally lock in your
position in the Compensation Plan!

Join Now . . . Then login and download the Compensation Plan
                       PDF Details,
. . . and watch for the final info release
                       in the next few days.


  Dennis Morstad
Mike G's Elite Team





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