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Raiding The Membership Website's Coffers!

Have you ever visited MySpace, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter? Of course you have. Studies show that the vast majority of internet users have used one of these websites at least once (and many are members that are constantly on). These websites are valued at millions of dollars. Other membership sites require a membership fee (such as online dating websites). These types of websites are extremely profitable.

Statistically, when a user signs up for a membership site with a fee, they will remain a member for an average of three months. That means instead of having a one-time fee for access to a site, they can charge a third of that in membership fees and actually make more because many people will often stay members for much longer. This is just one of thousands of tricks in a good internet marketers arsenal.

Other types of membership websites  include online games and forums.Gaia Online is a website which combines the two. It has small mini-games within it for players to waste time on, but it also has a giant forum community. Many people eagerly log on every day to see if they've gotten new messages, who responded to theirs, etc. This site was built with monetary gain in mind and makes huge sums of cash from it.

If you've become even a bit interested in running your own membership website, you should download this free report: <a href="http://cbpirate.com/s/mgr/PirateDon09">Secrets Of The Membership Millionaires</a>. Not only will it teach you common rookie mistakes and how to avoid them, but you can use it to go from no knowledge of making websites to a well made membership site that is 90% automated and brings in great money. The report is absolutely free so you don't have anything but a little bit of time to waste by reading it!

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