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Hi ~fname~,
Hi My friend.

Walt here from Advertise Free For Life.

Have you seen AVATAR???

Wow - What an experience!
I came out of the cinema and I was just blown away.
From James Cameron, the same man behind Titanic (The highest grossing film of all time). This movie is outstanding.

Did you know - it is the fastest movie to a Billion Dollars ever...?

I think - it's because so many people come out of the cinemas and say 'Wow - what an experience' to every one they know.

So what has that got to do with Advertise Free For Life and you??

Because I am saying "Wow - What an experience" about this site and the members and testimonials I keep getting through.

We launched on November 4th and already have over 12000 members and while we haven't done a billion like our friends at AVATAR, as a business owner - it has been a very pleasant experience indeed!

so -
What about you??
Would you like to have that same experience??
Would you like thousands of new people and a ton of profit to go along with it?

You can.
I am "RAVING" about my experience because you can enjoy this same experience with the same system I use at Advertise Free For Life.
Check out what I've got to say here.


My video testimonial features in launch with Brett Ingram (the man behind Traffic Python) as I am the happiest customer EVER!

Brett (featuring me...) will be going through all the details in a few days of how you can have this exact system.
Installed, setup for you and ready to go.
Make sure you get all the info and register here.

To your success,


Advertise Free For Life


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