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An App A Day-Jane's Sunday Sermon
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An App A Day-Jane's Sunday Sermon

Hello Sokulers

True Story...

If anyone had asked me what I really wanted
for Christmas last year, I would have told them:

"I want an app for my site, Sokule-
You know one of those things you download or
upload or whatever onto your phone and it sits
there and looks at you every day and says...

Come hither!!!

So Phil and I explored the cost with some
programmers to develop our own app and the
range was from 7500.00 to 12,000.

I settled for a scarf, hat and glove set
for Christmas and put the app thought aside
with an- oh well...someday.

Me and an app of any kind is sort of an
odd combination.

I rarely carry a cell phone. I have one of course,
but that's mostly because my 87 year old Mother has

one and I refuse to be out done by her but...

I barely know how to use it and if I had to text a

message to anyone, I would stop the nearest great

looking guy on the street and ask:

"Can you help please" and admit sheepishly
that I haven't a clue how to text anyone.

So an app and I aren't really great dance
partners- well at least we weren't until
last Tuesday.

An App a Day Jane's Sunday Sermon.


One day I get a call from my friend and
mentor, Mike G, and he tells me he is doing
this app thing where you can set up your
own app online and, once it is done, people
can download it and you can text people
right from your computer.

No little keyboard necessary at all.
No phone that you need to grab to text
and try to find the keys.

It's an app and a text messaging machine
rolled into one and you can do it all

I thought Mike was joking.

Then Of course being pushy and always wanting
to know the bottom line I asked:

"How Much?"

He told me it was 39.00 to set it up and
39.00 per month to maintain it and use
the unlimited message system.

Oh Geez, I thought, this is off the wall wonderful.

That was about 5 weeks ago.

So being pushy and wanting to know when it
would be ready. I bugged mike about it
every few days.

Where's the app?
Can I see it?
When are you launching it?

I want to test it
I want to try it.

It is a good thing Mike and I are friends
because I am sure he wanted to delete those
emails every time he saw one fly in.

Then...last Tuesday, I got a message.

All it said was we're live!!!

I signed up quicker than a cat can grow
whiskers and then turned it over to my
partner Phil to design the app.

Now...you have to picture this.

Phil has the chicken pox.

Yes I know only kids get chicken pox
but it turns out you can get chicken pox
when you are older and it is positively

Phil looks like he got into a street brawl
with about 10 thugs much bigger than he is.
His left eye is swollen almost shut. His
forehead looks like something Jason Pollock
might paint when he is having a nightmare.

He is on all sorts of pain killers and
some god awful anti chicken pox stuff and
eye drops and he looks like someone you
might not invite into your home even if
you were inclined to be charitable.

So with that background, off I went to
Mike's app store and I bought an app
and whenever I could drag Phil out of
bed over the past few days, I simply said:

How are you doing? Well that's only polite
after all:)  and right after that...

"How's the app doing?"

Turns out I  have an app for Sokule.

And it is sitting right on my iPhone right now.

Wanna see it?

Go here.

Pop it onto your smart Phone

And never leave home without Sokule again.

I am over the moon
I am in heaven.

On Monday it will be on the Sokule site for
all to see and download.

But you can do it right now.


And then we will do one for KuleSearch
And then we will do one for Cuddles

Can't leave Cuddles out of the mix:)

At this price, you can have as many apps
as you want.

And here is the kicker. If you are intimated
by the thought of designing your own app,
you can pay a onetime fee of 150.00 and
the ICANetwork will design it for you.

So thank you Mike G.

And a special thank you to my very good natured

partner Phil for putting this together under very

stressful circumstances.

He is taking a well-deserved day off.

I will try out my text messages tomorrow
on all those of you who have Sokule sitting
on your phone.

Now here is the really Kule Part of this story.

You can become a fr*ee affiliate of the

Even if you don't need or want an app, you
can ea*rn comm-issions just by letting people
know about this site. You can build up a nice
monthly in*come using a product that every
business needs and wants and every person
on Facebook will die to have.

Read this site
Join it fr*ee

Get it to businesses you know.
Friends who will love you for this
Family who may want an app.

This is for everyone everywhere and priced
so everyone can afford it.

If you want a real business on the net, one
that grows and pays you monthly, this is it.

There is no competition out there for this
kind of product and when you have the only
game in town that people can afford, you
can sell an app a day or 100 apps a day and
build up a small fortune doing it.

Have a great Sunday

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc.

PS: If you do decide that your business or
you personally want your own app, it will
come with 2 million sokens when you purchase
it under my link today.


Here is how you collect:

email me your full name, your payment receipt
to the ICANetwork and your Sokule username


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us
right here.







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