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Random Referrals Are Flying At State-of-the-art-mailer! Get Your Share!!

Hello Fellow Marketer,

We have done it again!

We've just given a serious boost to
all the members that are promoting
our killer new system that is slated to
be released on January 9th, 2010!

We've given all members that have
10 or more referrals, the ability of
automatically receiving random
 from our own advertising
efforts, and trust me, we are bringing
in tons of people on a daily basis!

Shouldn't you get a piece of that? All
you need is 10
 referrals to qualify!

So if you've got 9, push just a little bit
harder, because it will be well worth
it if you do!

Just think.. The ability of receiving
referrals without having to do anything,
and when the system launches, and
upgrades start happening, those
members that we've given to you will
more than likely upgrade, producing a
steady stream of recurring income for

Don't wait, get in, you've still got time!


All the best,

Brad Webb


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