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Make Money When Visitors Leave!

Since the internet has come into existence, webmasters have looked for ways to keep visitors from leaving their sites. Well the newest great invention might just involve letting them(attempt to) leave your website. Visitors who attempt to leave your website are called "exit traffic". This exit traffic can actually be a great source of opt-ins to various things. There are multiple scripts built to try and keep users on a site when they attempt to leave.

One such script is the customer support script. When a visitor tries to leave, an alert pops up and tells them that a live representative wants to talk to them first. This in turn brings up a small chat window where you can talk to a (possibly real) representative. I (as well as many others) find this particular script extremely obnoxious. If I want to leave a site, I certainly don't want to chat with a live person who will try to sell me their product.

Another script is a simple alert pop up. First an alert pops up saying they have a fantastic new offer and you should not leave until you see it. Then it redirects the page that you are currently on and takes you to one with an audio file embedded to it. This is extremely effective because it is hard to leave when there is a real voice saying "please don't leave until you check out this great offer", or something like that. This method isn't too obtrusive and can cause visitors to feel bad about leaving even.

Exit traffic commonly converts to over 300% added to normal opt-ins. There is a free report detailing how you can use this to your advantage, it's called <a href="http://cbpirate.com/s/exit/PirateDon09">3 Easy Steps That Will Increase Conversion Rates By 300%</a>. This excellent report covers many topics about exit traffic and how to optimize it to increase your income revenue by leaps and bounds.

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