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The Truth About Internet Marketing In 2010 Without Sugar
The Truth About Internet Marketing In 2010 Without Sugar
Coating It

By Jeff Schuman Copyright © 2010

There are many reasons to be excited about internet
marketing as we prepare to enter into a new year. However
you need to be realistic and understand exactly what
challenges are ahead of you.

I thought in this article I would go over a few key points
on Internet marketing today without sugarcoating it.
Hopefully you will be able to take these thoughts and use
them to motivate yourself to become more successful in 2010.

1. Plan on doing paid advertising and not just relying on
free advertising. Depending on the niche your Internet
business is in will determine how much paid advertising you
must do.

Your competitors are already planning on how they will
increase their business this year. The chances are extremely
good they will be increasing their advertising budgets as

It's just not reasonable to think you can build a business
on the Internet today doing 100% free advertising. So what
kind of marketing should you be doing?

Pay Per Click advertising on search engines other than
Google is a trend I see happening. For example I know of one
Internet marketing guru who gets 65% of her traffic doing
PPC advertising on Yahoo.

Bing and other search engines also have programs that can
provide you with quality traffic at a fraction of the price
that Google Adwords charges. Go to to find hundreds of
ppc search engines to promote on.

2. For once in your life put some focus into your business.
If you are going to be an affiliate marketer concentrate on
becoming the best one you can be.

Learn affiliate marketing inside and out and implement what
you learn into your business. Focus on getting one niche
making money before adding another one.

The same thing is true if you decide to join a network
marketing company. Learn network marketing inside out and
use it to build as large of a business as possible.

Write down your goals and focus entirely on making money
with one website before adding another one. This tip alone
can earn you a lot of money this year.

3. Whatever your strategy for building an Internet marketing
business be sure and incorporate email marketing into it.
This means building an email list that you can promote to.

Anyone who makes good money on the Internet today has a
sizable email list. If these top Internet marketers are
doing it why do you think you don't have to?

This is another area where you should learn the ins and outs
of list building and then put together a strategy to add new
subscribers every day. In the long run your Internet
business will thank you.

4. The bottom line is Internet marketing is getting
extremely competitive. No longer can you write a handful of
articles and expect to generate a lot of traffic from them.

Unless you outsource some of your daily Internet marketing
needs it's not realistic to think you can get by working
five hours a week on your business either.

The good news is there are more people making money on the
Internet today than at any time in history. If you will
buckle down and make a solid commitment to do a few things
correctly you can be one of them in 2010.


Some excellent tips, I think you'd agree. For some free and/or
low cost email advertising, go here:



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