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This was meant to be a direct SQUEEK ~ but wouldn't fit ... REVISITED & STILL RELEVANT

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Hello all  :) ~ It is always a concern to me, which Tracker should be foremost in my greetings. The old, reliable enduring Tracker or otherwise, the new and possibly portentious Tracker. ..  Couldn't decide.

So first I will offer my apologies to the newer Trackers, having alluded to shadows associated with their arrival...& say 'Gidday' to you all  :)

(SurGreen is wont to warble erratically at times)

Nevertheless, my conclusion is thus. No Tracker is either MORE or LESS valuable than the other, neither being known to have released or realised their potential benefits to the whole.

I am stating this concept as simply that, a concept. This is not in reference to yourselves or your relationship to myself in SoKule, but more towards encouraging people to develop a respectful attitude regarding your Trackers and future Trackers.

I intend for SoKule to be a permanent fixture in my marketing repertoire. People are Tracking me for different reasons, possibly because they see me as useful or interesting. You should bear this in mind continually in your dealings with them.

We are all Human. Do not be afraid to prove it!

'til next we SQUEEK  !  





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