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Sokule - Founder Positions Spark Huge Interest!
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Sokule - Founder Positions Spark Huge Interest!


Have you heard about Sokule?


Sokule is like Twitter, but monetized.

Is is designed to put that green spending
stuff in your pocket.

It is rapidly becoming the buzz on the
net and started to roar when it launched
on September 17th.

It posts instantly to Twitter and Facebook
and 29 Other Social Media sites.

1 Post. ! Click and you're done
Your message is seen all over the net.

You may have heard that some of the biggest
marketers and businesses on and off the net
are joining Sokule and helping launch
this history making site.


People are asking...

How do I get in on the ground floor?
How do I get in as a founder of Sokule?

We opened a few positions to satisfy the
demand and most of these were sold in
less than 24 hours.

This thing is flying...

Watch Jane Mark, one of the owners of sokule.

she has made a video for you about Sokule
and about how you can grab a founder's
postion at this site before it goes live to
the general public.



Here is what you get as a founding member.

* You will pocket our highest commission pay out
at 50% of every sale.

* You will get a permanent listing in our Founding
   Members Business Listings which could be worth
   hundreds of thousands of dollars to you down the track.

* You will get every application we add to Sokule
   fr.ee for life as part of your Founding Membership.

* You get to post on all 29 of the Social Media sites
  we currently have at Sokule and any we add in the

* Sokule pings the weblogs for you and makes
Google sit up and take notice.

* You will get a 48 launch window notice on each
   new application that we develop so that you get
   first shot at selling it to your followers and your lists.

* You Get a Special founding members seal right on your
  Sokule postit page which sets you apart from all
  other members.

* You Get 350,000 Sokens (Kule Coins) that let
you build your list of trackers fast at Sokule


This is going to be a very small, very exclusive club
limited to the first 1500 people who become
founding members.

And the first 500 founding memberships are going
to be sold at a huge discount with a limited number
being sold now for those who have the vision to see
where Sokule is headed. 397 have already been
spoken for.

If you want in... email Jane at:


We have prepared an information page for you and
the pay links for the founding memberhsip and you
can grab one right now just use the email above
and I will get you the info.

Get your hands on one of these before our JV
partners launch to their sites.

Once these founder positions are gone, it will
be too late.

397 of them have been spoken for.
Get in on a ground floor opportunity.
For once in your life make it happen for you.

Review the video Jane made about the founding
memberships, It has some revealing information
on it that you will want to know about and that
will tell you just how valuable this membership
can be for you.


Then shoot her an email at:


You are in the right place at the right time,
don't miss this offer. It could set you up
for life.

Sokule officially launched and you
are poised to launch your own business
with it.


You can be part of this history making
site right from the start.

You can ea*rn your invest*ment back in
a heartbeat,

Grab your founder position now...


Jane Mark
sokuke, Inc.

PS Sokule has officially launched.
Everyone who is anyone is there and
you can join fr.ee and upgrade later.

Sokule Welcomes you.


PPS For real time updates track us at:






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