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A Very Useful Free Traffic Tip for You...

Have you seen this free traffic system yet?

Read on for a useful tip...

The Free Traffic Ad Bar system is like no other traffic system you've ever seen. It's a revolutionary new way to advertise your website, webpage, affiliate program, eBay shop or blog.

The whole system works on earning free points and climbing the level ladder. It is not the same as traffic exchange credit systems, this is so much different.

The more points you have, the higher you climb on the level ladder, and you get to keep and build upon the credits you earn for 3 months. The more credits you have, the higher your level, and the more traffic you receive. Just imagine the credits you could bank in three months and the amount of traffic you will receive.


When you join or if you are already a member but haven't put the system into gear yet. Here's a tip you might appreciate to help you get going...

Get more out of Free Traffic Ad Bar by adding your websites and promoting your websites with the FTAB link assigned. Add your FTAB affiliate link too.

Advertise those links daily in credit based safelists to earn more points continually with FTAB. Safelist members will be clicking on your FTAB link to earn credits of their own, thus helping you earn more FTAB points which put you higher on the Level Ladder.

Remember, the higher on the Level Ladder you are the more traffic you will receive to your websites.

Here are just a couple of good safelists I use every day:


Ideally, you should promote FTAB itself, especially during this prelaunch time to gain more referrals before launch, who also gives you more points. Only 4 days until launch.

After just a few days of joining, I'm climbing the Level Ladder with just a little effort and I've made it to Level 2.... wooohooo... More Traffic!!

I especially love the email sent out daily for me to all members below me on the ladder with my website link inside. And every morning at 5am, just like clockwork, I receive my own daily email from those above me. And every morning I open that email and get to clicking for my daily points.

By the way, for your convenience, you can schedule what time you want to receive that daily email.

Isn't that awesome?

Onward and Upward!


Hope this helps,


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