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Capitalism and where it stands in the world today! 8-10-2011 - 8-6-2011G
8-6-2011G by Walter Paul Bebirian
8-6-2011G by Walter Paul Bebirian




Capitalism till this point of time (and here I am referring to today which is 8/10/2011) has done more good for all of mankind than could ever have been imagined when it was first created and started proliferating throughout the different countries of the world - In fact I personally do not know exactly when the concept that we call capitalism today actually began - was first utilized and how from that point it has morphed into what is referred to as capitalism today - but I do know that much of the tool of capitalism - which is capital which includes but is not limited to money - machinery - manpower - intellectual capital and now information technologies as well as social media platforms which are being used to spread ideas to people who are not interested in receiving information about different products and services in the previously utilized mass distribution systems - as well as time (which is the most precious commodities next to health that all making possesses) - is being squandered - wasted and misused in many cases -

 Considering this as a fact - there is only one thing that needs to be done to improve what is now seemingly not operating as well as it could and will be in the future - and that is to cut back or to more efficiently utilize any and all of these elements of capitalism so that the system begins to work in a more profitable way -  





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