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So What? and Pizza Dough
Media File

So What? and Pizza Dough


It's Here...

*You can brand it
*You can pocket commissions from it
*You can add your Social Media ids
*You can mail to the entire database every 5 days
*You can also mail daily to a special So What list
*You can give it away free to make sign ups and
* You can collect a Kule 1 million Sokens at
  Sokule (value 1270.00)

So What's Here?

SokuleSoWhat. That's What:)


Now one of the most popular Social Media sites
on the net has it's own guide-A detailed manual
that walks  people all over the world thru the
world of Sokule.

And you can brand it fr*ee and give it away fr*ee.

This is not your Grandmother's branding site.
It will take you exactly 30 seconds to
brand the ebook and then you are all set.

Give it away to your lists and downlines
Get sign ups and sales at Sokule and
at the other sites in the ebook.

And ea'rn commissions when they upgrade
either at Sokule or at Sokule So What

The SokuleSoWhat site gives you so many ways to
er*rn dough it would make heads spin at pizza hut:)

But be careful..

There are TWO Mailers at this Site and...

There are two ways to join.
You will see them right on the sales page.

You can join fr*ee or Gold.

Free of Gold...

If you join fr-ee and want to upgrade later,
to use our TWO mailers, at the site or to add
your own ids to vaious Social Media sites,
you WILL pay More for it in the members area.

If you can swing it, go Gold right from
the get go and do it from the sales page
at the bottom where you save moola.

It is a one time payment and you get
to use two of our mailers for life.

That's a pretty good deal in anyone's pizza
Let's just call it the pepperoni on the pizza
and leave it at that:)


go get um


Jane Mark
Sokule Inc

PS:The Gold price goes up this Sunday,August 14th
so don't dilly dally around on this one.

The Price will change on the sales page and in the

member area. Like Pizza, It will go up:)
So grab it now.


And speaking of dough...

PPS: We are doing live training on Sokule
on Tomorrow August 11th at 5.00 pm est.
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sokule
Sokule is a dough maker on steroids. Come and
watch and see how.

Register here
Date: August 11th
Time 5.00 pm est

Space is limited.
Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


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