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An English man, an Irish man and a Scots man ......

This is a true story of a very brave Englishman who was addressing

an Amway convention in Edinburgh, Scotland.  There were around

600 Scots in the audience plus a scattering of other nationalities! 

He recounted how he had come up from London on a British Rail train. 

  Part way through the journey, he fancied a cup of tea so he made his way to

the restaurant car.  When he got there, there were three  men at the bar, one

was an Irishman, one was English and the third was obviously a Scot!     They

had all just ordered a pint of beer and being a typical British Rail restaurant car,

there were a few flies around.   By coincidence, all three men got a fly in their


The Irishman summed up the situation, picked up his beer and gave a mighty

big breathy  blow aimed at the top of the glass.  The fly, the froth and some of

his beer flew out of the glass at high speed.  "Aargh"  he said in his lovely Irish

accent, "dat's better, I can enjoy mi beer now" and promptly took a big swig

from his glass!

The Englishman summed up the situation and being a refined Englishman (as

most Englishmen are) he reached across the counter and took a paper serviette.

 He neatly folded it into quarters then carefully reached in to his beer, grasped

the fly in the paper and removed it.

He then folded the paper around the fly and placed it in a nearby rubbish bin. 

"Ah" he said, "that's much better, I can enjoy my beer now" and proceeded to

take a few gentle sips of  the liquid.

The Scotsman immediately reached in to his beer and grasped the fly by its wings. 

He shook it several times then holding it up in front of his face, he said


 "Now spit the bloody rest of it out as well"  !!!!


Believe it or not, he did get out of there alive!

 I hope you enjoyed my little tale, if so please pass it on.


Keith Darby




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