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Someone Just Got Lucky Check Your Account
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Someone Just Got Lucky Check Your Account

A fabulous site with a matrix and a mailer is
launching in just 4 days


Someone under me at FAP, just got lucky.

I just paid it forward for someone at FAP
Log into your account and see if it was you.

If you are not yet a member then join us right here
and don't wait to get lucky. Upgrade your account
right away and lock in your position now.

I am right under the owners of this site and,
when it launches in just 4 short days, you
will be going for a wild ride if you are on
the Sokule team.


When you upgrade on the Sokule team, you will
get 1 million sokens at Sokule. See How to Collect

The cost to upgrade is one time 24.95. That
locks you into the Sokule matrix and more
importantly buys you a mailer for life.

You can't miss here.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: When you upgrade under my link send me your
full name, your payment receipt to FAP and your
Sokule username and I will double your sokens
bonus to 1 million. (Value 1270.00)


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us
right here.


PPS: For the next 3 days, someone will get
lucky at FAP Will it be you? I will pay it
forward for 1 person in my downline for
the next 2 days. In order to have a chance,
you must sign up under my link here.


If you don't want to take the chance then join
and upgrade right away and you will be right
at the top of this site when the matrix opens
under me. I am right below the owners of the
site, so you are sitting pretty when you join
FAP under the Sokule team.





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