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Your Biggest asset is Here...Do Not Lose It
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Your Biggest asset is Here...Do Not Lose It

Have you lost your biggest asset?
Have you let it slip away?

Your list is your biggest asset.

It is your ticket to ride.
Your ticket to success on the net.

If you don't have one, you have no way to
successfully build an income on line.

We know something about lists. We own 274
of them and host another 250 but until
now we had to grow those lists the old
fashion way, one person by one person.

Those days are over.

We build a list for you on auto pilot
You do NOTHING at all.
We build it for you automatically.

Before the ink is dry on your sign up,
your list will begin to grow without
your having to do ONE thing to grow it
except to sign up.

It's like magic.
You can even grow a targeted list.

You can post to that list daily and you
can email that list every 3 days if you
are a silver member or higher.

The higher your membership,The larger the list
we grow for you on auto pilot.

Pick up your biggest asset here.

When you have a list, difficult economic
days pass you by. You have a way to ea*rn
mon-ey onlne quickly and easily, now and
into the future.

Pick up your biggest asset here

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Watch for the incredible Silver membership
offer as you sign up to Sokule.

When you pick up the silver membership today
at Sokule, you will receive 7,500,000 sokens
at Sokule (value 9525.00). Sokens are what
builds that list on auto pilot for you. The
more you have of them, the bigger your list.
7.5 million will put you on a path to thousands
and thousands of list members. That's an asset,
you cannot afford to miss.

PPS: Here are just some of the other assets
that come with your silver membership at

A Sokule Silver Membership will let you:

* Pay once a year at a huge savings to you
* Build you a list on auto pilot
* Email that list every 3 Days
* Post to 86 Social Media Sites and
  targeted blogs with just 1 click
* Post to over 1.3 million KuleWall viewers
* Post messages as long as you like on Sokwall
* Pre schedule up to 25 posts
* Auto Welcome your Trackers
* Edit Your Posts
* Cutomized your posting page the way you want to
* Post from your mobile phone at no cost to you
* Earn higher Commissions

Today Only When you upgrade to Silver, you
will receive 7,500,000 sokens in your
account. The Value is this (9525.00).


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