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I'm Hanging Out Above The Matrix...*This Just In*
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I'm Hanging Out Above The Matrix...*This Just In*


On Saturday I hung out with Bill Mcrea for an hour.

It was the best 60 minutes I have spent with
someone on the net probably in the last year.

Bill is someone you may or may not have heard
of. That is because he has been developing
some of the best software on the net and
quietly raking in millions with one of the
unique methods I have ever seen.

He and his partner, Mike Williams, have really
topped the net with this.

It is called Above the Matrix and with good
reason. There is no matrix:) Thank goodness!


This is the real deal software that will make
you your first sale within 60 minutes.

Bill and Mike are giving you the actual software
that they use to  make real dough online on
autopilot and the are going one better than that

They are setting it up for you and automating
it for you.

So I'm hanging out Above the Matrix with Bill
and Mike and so is my partner Phil.

If you are a member of either Sokule or KuleSearch,
you will understand why Above the Matirx is so intriguing to both Phil and me.

It is all about traffic and sales
Bill and Mike are all about traffic and sales
Phil and I are on the same page.

You will love this.
This is a real eye opener and a real money maker
for you on auto pilot.


Here is what Phil and I bought...

The software, of course, which is afforable for all
so don't even think about not buying it.

We bought 10 blogs that are automatically set
up for us. We don't do anything at all

These blogs are monetized for us
The content on the blogs is changed for us
and updated twice a day. Can you believe that?
I don't have to write a thing and the blog
is updated for me twice a day. Yikers!

We don't do anything at all except of course make sales.

If I were you, I would buy the 12 webinar
training session that Bill does because Bill
is the real deal and I learned more from him
in 1 hour than I do from most people in
one year and so will you.

The only reason that I didn't personally
buy the training is that Bill and I are going
to do some training together. He will train
on Above the Matrix and I will train on Sokule
as one of the additional training sessions.

This will be some of the most eye opening
training you can get.

As you can see I am over the moon about this
new site.

Buy what you can afford to but certainly go
for the software and the 10 blogs that are
set up for you. That is where the real dough

And see my double up bonus below that will
make it dead easy for you to go for this

When the real deal comes along, grab it and
you will find yourself hanging out and making
real sales above the matrix


Go Get Um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Double Up Bonus

There are sokens waiting for you at the
site. Lots of Sokens and if you sign up and
purchase under this link today and I will
double your sokens bonus


Pick up the software which is affordable
for all at 49.95 one time payment and
get your sokens bonus double to 1 million
(Value 1270.00)

Pick up the 10 blogs set up for you or the
training or the high ticket webinar and collect
a whopping 6 million sokens at Sokule. (Value

Then send me your full name, your purchase
receipt for Above The Matrix and your sokule


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