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Outsourcing Vs. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistants are everywhere these days. It is one of the fastest growing sectors of online business help. Why are there so many virtual assistants all of a sudden? With the complexities of running a business online and balancing billing, call center staffing and inventory control a small company can get overwhelmed. A specialized labor force can help ease these tasks. But how much does a virtual assistant cost?

There are various types of virtual assistants and various types of fees. Administrative assistants can handle tasks such as word processing, document creation, billing services and scheduling. An a assistant like this can cost $15 – $30 a hour. “Web savvy” assistants can help with your Internet marketing duties such as social networking, blogging, and ecommerce. This kind od assistant can cost you $20 – $40 an hour. Then lastly there is a business manager assistant. They can handle tasks such as website design, creating business plans and event and trade show representation. This assistant can cost you $25 – $50 a hour and up!

But what if there was an overseas outsourcing firm that could do a majority of these tasks for as little as $5.00? What would this mean to your business and your bottom line? Think of the costs you would save your business and the productivity you could increase with a program like that. Virtual assistants are popular. They are there not just to get a job done, but to help you grow your business. Internet savvy outsourcing will create a partnership with you to make your business successful for a
fourth of the cost of employing a domestic assistant.

In the past, there may not have been overseas outsourcing reps trained in Internet marketing. There may not have even been the need. But it is a whole new ballgame now. Find out how Internet savvy outsourced reps can take your business to the next level.

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