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Five Things You Don't Know About Closing Sales Which Are Eviscerating Your Profits

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

It isn't just that most people are lousy at sales... far more shocking is the fact that most SALES PEOPLE are lousy at sales.

If you're one of them, this article is for YOU!

The plain fact of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of sales people rely on their charm, gift of gab, and ability to "wing it" to make sales... instead of being prepared to make sale after sale. STOP IT! Following these sensible steps means more money:

1)  Closing sales is not a matter of motivation or pressure. Instead, it's a question of having the right information readily at hand, so you can answer customer questions quickly, easily, thoroughly.

Thus, consider what you have readily available when you are talking to a customer.

2) Do you have (readily available, mind) a sheet of "you gets", that is a list of PRECISELY what your customer gets when using your product/service?

Dollars to doughnuts, neither you nor any member of your business has sat down and written out the features of what you're selling; then converted each and every feature into a benefit that the customer gets. Treat each and every benefit like scoops on an ice-cream cone; the higher you stack 'em, the more enticing to the customer!

3)  Do you have a sheet of offers?

Products do not sell themselves; a sales person bragging "Our product sells itself" is wrong, naive or both. What sells products is offers; the better the offer the faster the sale.

Thus, have you got a sheet of offers; "add-ons" you can use to motivate immediate customer action? This list should make it very clear just what the customer gets for fast action. AND when the customer must act, for ALL offers must be limited by time, quantity, etc.

4) Do you have a sheet of results testimonials?

People what to be assured and re-assured about what they will get when using your product. Here's where "results" testimonials come in. These not only provide a happy customer's experience in using  your product ("I loved it"), but the specific results that customer achieved. The greater the specificity and the benefits, the better and more effective the testimonial.

Note: whenever possible ALL testimonials must include full customer and such relevant details as title, location, etc. In short, testimonials must be detailed and complete to be completely credible.

5) A page of  objection responses and rebuttals

Face it, not every customer will leap for  joy upon hearing of what you are selling. That's why you must be prepared for the nay-sayers, the procrastinators,  the cautious, and the merely foolish. For these folks, a list of every possible objection and your strongest response is required.

Commmon objections include:

"I must ask my spouse."

"I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks."

"I have to check you out."

"I don't have the money."

Now hear this: there isn't an objection under the sun which cannot be effectively answered, only not by "winging it." EVERY successful sales person knows that preparation here is mandatory; the rebuttals may seem spontaneous... but they must ALWAYS  be rehearsed.  Brainstorm all objections; then work on the responses. As new objections surface, add them to your list... and, again, perfect the perfect, objection- demolishing response.

Last Words

The key to sales success is NEVER a "wing and a prayer." It is ALWAYS  a matter of total, complete, deliberate effort. Such effort can turn a mediocre sales person into a stellar performer.  That, of course, is precisely what your goal must be, and now you know how to achieve it!

About The Author

Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc., where small and home-based businesses learn how to profit online. Attend Dr. Lant's live webcast TODAY and receive 50,000 free guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice! Dr. Lant is also the author of 18 best-selling business books.

Republished with author's permission by Craig Telfer <a href="http://MyTrafficInjection.com">http://MyTrafficInjection.com</a>.

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