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The Making of a *Star*...Jane's Sunday Sermon
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The Making of a *Star*...Jane's Sunday Sermon


Phil and I are home from a fabulous Marketing cruise
put together by Mike Filsaime who did an absolutely
grat job of balancing fun with networking

Mike Filsaime is already a star on the net

Today we are working on making another star
It will be fun and interesting to do it.

We need your help.

Meet Cuddles

The Making of a Star Jane's Sunday Sermon.

Becoming a star on the net is not as hard
as you may think.

It's a matter of using the right tools at
the right time.

You have them all at your command if you
know how to use them.

Watch this

Cuddles is going to be a star and it is not
going to take too long.

Cuddles is my puppy
He had a hard week while Phil and I were away
because he is attached to Phil at the hip
and gets this sad look on his face whenever
Phil goes out the door

So...My goal is to make Sokule a star and
put a smile back on his face.

Here is how we are going to do that

We had him sign up at Sokule.
You can do that too if you are not already
a member

Just sign up here

Once you sign up go right to the sokens box
which you will find in the members area of

Go to claim Soken and track cuddles.
Pretty soon you will see that cuddles has
a lot of trackers.

When he gets a 1000 trackers, his site will
start falshing and he will be listed under
the Sokule stars and everyone will know his

He will have a list that he can mail to at Sokule
He will have a way to get his messages posted
all over the net to 29 Social Media Sites

Who knows he may even get upgrades at Sokule
and ea*rn commissions. I like a pup who can
ea*rn his keep;)

It won't take long, I promise you.

And you can do the same thing.

Sign up at two places Sokule

And Kule Track

Kule track helps you get Sokule and Twitter
follwers fast at the same time.

Bottom Line

You need to get your message in front of
as many eyeballs at possible.

Sokule lets you do that with 1 post and 1 click
at Sokule


And you can do that at Kule Track

Follow what Cuddles is doing and you will be
a star on the net soon.

Go get um


Jane Mark
JPE Advertising
Sokule, Inc







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