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Mailing for Quarters IS NOT Such a Bad Idea!
That's right... Quarters!

What? Earning thousands of Quarters on
several levels is not enough for you...
not good enough?

What if it meant earning millions?

(Look at the website)

Would that make you happy?

What if the cost is only $5.25 one time
and you get to email the entire membership
base of proven buyers every 14 days
for life?

And what if you could mail more often just
by joining under yourself and collecting
your first level commission of $1.25 every

Does the idea of a little work of referring
a few others in the beginning appeal to you,
then you can sit back and collect on auto-
pilot for years to come?

Just imagine thousands of people handing you
quarters over and over and over again...

I like that thought!




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