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This May be Exactly What You Need!

Network Marketers Needed for:


a fast growing Electric Deregulation Suppliers
comprised of some of the smartest,
most dedicated people around...
If you are serious and excited about a new opportunity to work with a company
that is expanding rapidly or new to Network Marketing willing to learn from the best in
industry with a 
SIX FIGURE Annual Income Potential

Energy deregulation began in the late 1990s, giving consumers the power to choose their energy supplier. Deregulation creates competition and, in turn, better products for you to choose from, and to tailor to your personal needs. You can choose your supplier based on environmental impact, affordability, cash back, support in lowering your energy usage, or, in the case of Independence Energy, all of the above!

The time is perfect to join a company that is experiencing explosive growth.



Contact:  Nina Spelman


Email:  TheGreenIA@gmail.com

SKYPE:  nspelman 




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