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The Tax The Government Hides

The "Poverty Tax" The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About

This gets to me, A few weeks back, I went to see the last of Harry Potter with my family and it cost me a fortune for four tickets and those addictive bags of popcorn.

The cost of fuel has gone through the roof...

Energy costs are becoming prohibitive...

And the spending power of the cash in our pocket is shrinking daily!!

Now you tell me why it's so expensive these days!?

Why it now costs close to twice as much a week to live now compared to what we needed in what we now refer to as the "good old days".

I truly do feel for everyone working a regular job. They must be struggling When I was living on my own in my late teens my rent was £3 per week! That just about buys a beer today!!

Six years ago if you were unemployed it wasn't such a big deal. There were jobs to be had and there were plenty of opportunities in a land that was figuratively overflowing with milk and honey.

Today, you can be employed, work overtime, and still starve at the same time. I tell you something ISN'T right about the world today.

You know it and I know it. The government is printing paper money - non-stop and they sure as hell are not announcing it on the daily news to the working men and business women of the country.

They are SILENTLY TAXING you without your permission or your vote and undermining all of us who are striving to make money.

Meanwhile they are preparing to use military force within the country if for some reason everything collapses in a rash of riots, fires, and all out violence.

Wow, wonder what could cause that?

HINT: Raising the debt ceiling. Printing more notes. Silently taxing millions of us without their permission or vote - through hyper-inflation.

But as much as it looks like a bunch of doom and gloom…

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