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SOTAM Will Be Launched Soon.. Start Ramping Up Now!

Wow, who would've thought that we
would have had to delay the launch
of our kick butt new mailer that we
have developed, but unfortunately
this is true.

As with any type of custom system,
there is always room for some minor
programming issues
. However, there
was one section that had to be
completely re-programmed, which is
the reason for the delay.

Our partner, and programmer is working
around the clock to get this launched as
soon as possible. We will be giving 
everyone a 48 hour notice prior to launch.

We are over 8,000 members now, so 
there is no reason to stop promoting, and
here is your incentive to do so:

Every member that has 10+ confirmed 
referrals in their downline will earn random 
from our promotional efforts, and 
also from search engine based traffic, which 
we are seeing alot of as well.

This is YOUR time -- If you've got in late,
you've got the chance to build your team
right now!

So as you see, while we are not ready for
launch yet, we are still giving out tons of
random referrals, and what this will do for
you is give you the ability of earning a
huge residual income, that will last you a

It will be MORE than worth the wait...

We are all tired of seeing the same stuff
over and over again..

We know you are ready, and want
something completely off the wall, and we
strive to bring it to you, as soon as possible!

So get in now, build your team, and get
ready for the biggest launch of 2010!


All the best,

Jaye Pause & Brad Webb


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