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I have a theory..

Many, if not most of the upgrades in my QUIK Family downline come from those members who have joined some time in the past

I have a theory..

My theory goes sorta like this..

People join the QUIK Family - They are bewildered by the fact that they do not become an instant millionaire

Above, said people, wander away to chase the next program with the impressive graphics and exceedingly well presented hype

If they 'survive' they notice an email from the QUIK Family .. They decide to find that login information and see what is happening..

Upon logging in after some extended absence, they are once again bewildered!

Only this time, their bewilderment is rooted in the fact that this opportunity they never looked seriously at, has grown substantially in both membership and features!

Instead of building this business and instead of using the resources, they have been out chasing 'rainbows' all over the internet!

Just thought I would share that theory of mine..


Thanks for 'listening'  :)


surgreen aka Peter Watson


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  • Some of the files I offer are rather large, or you may be on a slow or unreliable connection. I have used Getright since before the turn of the century and have found it to be  highly functional. Download from here  :)

  • If you do not have a PDF reader installed, here is a link to a small fast reader that  will not  hog your system resources. Download Sumatra PDF here !..or download      Foxit PDF reader HERE

  • A free and highly versatile  compression  utility.        Most of my files are 'zipped'. You will need something    such as this to open them.

  • I organise & control my Marketing Data with an Open     Source Mind Mapping solution. Freemind is available HERE

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Work with surgreen :) Work with surgreen :) Work with surgreen :)
Work with surgreen :) Work with surgreen :) Work with surgreen :)
Work with surgreen :) Work with surgreen :) Work with surgreen :)

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