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97% Of These Get Read Within 1 Minute
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97% Of These Get Read Within 1 Minute


Did you know that 97% of text messages that are
received on a cell phone get read within 1 minute.

How would you like to have your own online text
message center where you could send out messages
and have 97% of them read.

Imagine what that could do to your sales.
Imagine having a 97% open rate on a message
you sent.

Well you do not have to imagine this anymore

Go here right now

There is nothing like this on the net
You can have your own text message center instantly
and it is so cheap it will make your eyes pop.

And get this...You get a FR*ee app with this deal

Yes you can create a Fr*ee app for your own website
or for your personal use and give it to everyone
you know to download it.

I have one for Sokule, You can see it right here

So Bottom line...

For a song, you can have your own text message

You can create a list that will receive and open
your messages 97% of the time

And you can do it right here, Right now.

You can also become a fr*ee affiliate of this
site and ea*rn commissions on 2 levels just by
letting others know about this fabulous deal

Join this and let every business you know know
about this. It is the most powerful advertising
tools that you can have and the net advertising
is heading to phones.

You best go with it now or be left behind wondering
what happened to your sales.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: To Get on The SokuleSocial list and receive
advertising deals that ONLY this list gets go here.
We send special to our SokuleSocial list once a
week on Fridays.

Subscribe to SokuleSocial.

SMS a message to 368266
and in the body of the message type
ticaap sokulesocial

You will receive a response on your phone
that asks you to confirm your subscription
by replying YES.

Do this and you will receive another message
that says you are subscribed and that's it's
you are done.

Why subscribe to SokuleSocial Alerts?

You willl receive special offers, bonuses,
or discounts, that you won't see elsewhere
on the internet. These will exclusive to
SokuleSocial SMSSubscribers and they will
come to you every Friday.

PPS: Finally, when you subscribe today, we will add
50,000 Sokule Credits (sokens) to you account.
Just send us an email with your name and
the phone number you subscribed with and your
sokule username to.


Not yet a member of Sokule? Join us
right here http://sokule.com


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