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My Answer to: What's the best way to bring more customers to my website? - 6-5-2011CABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUV
6-5-2011CABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUV by Walter Paul Bebirian
6-5-2011CABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRTUV by Walter Paul Bebirian



Ahhh - this question that you ask is like saying - what is the best way to place the colors on an artist's canvas - there are no right or wrong answers although there are tons of people who seem to think that there are and thus there are tons of people running to do one thing or another that has nothing to do with them actually getting to reach the people who may be interested in what they have to offer their potential customer or clients - whichever way that they would like to refer to the people who come to them for their services and/or products - Personally I have had a plan or program in place from way before I ever had a website (actually since I began my business in 1976 but the current plan was honed and begun in 1992 when I first created my first "official" "Self Portrait") at this time I had conjured up enough money and was determined to make this work in a big way after asking many professional sales people what was the secret to selling - and hearing the same answer over and over "You sell yourself" I took this answer literally whether they meant it or not and focused on placing my own image as a "Self Portrait" up on my business card and then in order to motivate myself to go out and hand that card our each and every day as opposed to procrastinating and letting those now much more expensive business cards sit in the boxes that they were delivered in doing nothing - I created my "Doubling Porject" where my boss (that's me) requires me to give out at least one business card each and every single day and then once I have done that I am allowed to go home or wherever or to continue giving out more cards - and since I am out there in the world giving out those cards and pretty much enjoying the experience I usually continue and give out at least a few hundred if not a few thousand per day - you can read the entire "Doubling Project" plan here:

Doubling Project

Well then came the Internet and a website and the ability to both offer people much more in the way of information and ideas - samples of what I do and have done as a photographer and then a new site connected to the main site with galleries containing my art which numbers over 90,000 images currently and everything begins to feed on each other - the photography customers can be interested in the art as well as the photography and then my Business Opportunities Page:

Business Opportunities Page

contains different sites that I utilize to promote my sites and they also allow a person to earn money as affiliates who bring them new members - 

Most recently I have created a Marketing Tools Page:

Marketing Tools Page

where there are different types of tools or sites that I utilize for my mix as well as different generic facebook fan pages that I have created to discover and converse with people who are interests in the different general topics that I have set up - so far this has interested a few people and I am sure that the number of fans for each of the pages will grow exponentially over time - 

What point I would like to make with all of this is that each of the tools that I have mentioned here as well as my different blogs:

Walter Paul Bebirian's Blog Links

as well as the few fan pages that I have created for a few of the blogs related to my different categories of art themselves here on my the Bebirian Art Page of my main website:

Bebirian Art Page of my Main Website

all introduce different aspects of myself and my work that different people might be interested in to different degrees and at different levels of depth and so these different methods or ways of introducing my work this way as well as a number of others such as you tube videos and specific business sights that I am on such as the RYZE Business Networking System:

my page on the RYZE Business Networking System

or my page for photography on the Sokule Business Networking System:

Walter Paul Bebirian's Sokule Page

as well as a few other systems that I have a presence on all go into a greater picture that I am developing in order to interest different people and present to them what it is that I have to offer to them - after already photographing for over 53 years so far - 

For me - there is always something new and exciting to both learn and then to share with others as I continue on my journey through life on this wonderful planet!


and please feel free to e-mail or connect with me anywhere that you might find me and ask me or discuss with me anything that you would like to communicate about!

thank you!

Walter :-)
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Walter Paul Bebirian 
Walter Paul Bebirian Photography 
Forest Hills, NY
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ooops - I make mistakes sometimes along the way - the link for the Blogs which was incorrect above:

Walter's Blog Links

now let's see if that came out correctly and here is an added bonus for putting up with all of my long and detailed information which is always only part of the picture - on the Doublig Project" plan you will find an offer at the end which anyone who has created their very own business (which means not an mlm or a business that you are an affiliate of) is welcome to take me up on my offer - here is that link to the "Doubling Project" again:

Doubling Project

of course if you have any questions about that offer please don't hesitate to ask and oh - I almost forgot - please make sure to check out my Sales Proposal for my art in my galleries which is really open to everyone to earn some money with:

The Bebirian Art Sales Proposal

I know there is more but I will have to save that for those who contact me directly - 

Walter :-)



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