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Zippity Do DA . This is a Pip Plus...
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Zippity Do DA . This is a Pip Plus...


TZ  it is a pip of a site.

My friend, Michael Purvis, just came
out with a new site that is really unique
He calls it Traffic Zipper.

I call it it Zippity Do Da:)


Whatever you call it. It's a pip.

I have known Mike forever, even before he
knew you needed validation emails when you
opened up a list mailing site:)

Now, he has come up with one of the most
creative ideas on the net. One, my partner
Phil, has been toying with forever but hasn't
had the time to do.

Now Phil can put the toying aside.
Mike did it for us!

Here is what he did..

He made it possible, with Traffic Zipper, to
do multiple mailings at one time to lists that
you usually have to log into one at a time.

There are now 21 lists you can mail to at
one time and Mike ads more monthly.

Do you realize what a time saver that is?

You put the email in one place, select who you want it to go out to and the system does the rest!

Yes, TZ, will even tell you which sites you can mail to, and at what time, so you don't need
to log in to each site only to find out you still
have to wait an hour!

This brought an immediate smile to my
lips the moment I saw it. Some of my
favorite mailing lists are right there staring
me in the face telling me I can mail and I
can do it all in the members area of TZ
with one single email. Yikes! Don't you
love it?!


Wait until you see this
It will make your jaw drop.

You can also update all your downline
builders right in the members area

And you banners and your traffic sites.

TZ is all about saving you time
Time is money
You can make heaps of it here with
Mike's 50% commission pay.

Traffic Zipper gets our ten *star* recommendation

Put some Zippity Do DA in your marketing
and make it pay for YOU.

Congratulations, Mike.
This really is a fine piece of work.


Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc



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