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Sokule Times 7= A Million Each ...Today Only
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Sokule Times 7= A Million Each ...Today Only


7 Kules...7 Million
This is Sokule Times 7

Watch for my special very Kule Bonus Below

SOKULE started it all.


He is without a doubt the head of the Kule Family
Big Daddy and Big Brother to all the Kules.

But the Kules are a family.
They have one goal.

To provide you with with the largest advertising
reach you can get on the net and put more
and more eyeballs on your offers every day.

Sokule is Social Media posting to 86 Sites with 1 click
Sokule Builds you a list on auto pilot
You can mail to that list every 3 days
Sokule lets you post on KuleWall to over 1.3 viewers
Sokule lets you post messages as long as you like
Sokule pays you to introduce others to him

Now meet his sisters and brothers-each unique
in their own way and eachwill put more eyes on your message and more dough in your pocket.


Do you know KuleTrack? He is the calm,
Kool, reserved member of the Kule Family.

Here you can get more trackers and followers
at Sokule and Twitter at the same time and
get your own ads seen over at KT


Have you met KuleMail?

He and Sokule get into some tussles over who's
mailer is more effective. Here at Sokule you
can mail to all of your trackers every 3 days
and post to 86 Social media sites. Over at
KuleMail you can reach over 318,000 of our
list members at their contact addresses 10,000
at a time.

So KuleMail tells Sokule to back off because
he can reach more members and Sokule tells
KuleMail. You're nuts. I reach all of the
Social Media sites with 1 click and I am
a mailer and so it goes back and forth like
that. It's a macho thing:)

You know who's bigger and better.


When they start up and start arguing, I
get away from it all over at KuleSearch

There I can buy and sell keywords and get
all my 60 sites right up at the top of
the most important search engines on the
net so when Big Daddy Sokule gets into
it with Uncle KuleMail, I head for KuleSearch

KuleSearch just added a traffic generator
called KULEBUZZ and he is whooping it up
with a contest this week

And when I really want peace and quite and
a way to personally connect with other Sokule
and list members, I go over to KuleSpace


KuleSpace is like a small facebook community
where you can pretty much do what you like
when you want and do it your way.



And then there's Grandma.
she's a pretty wiley character.


Have you met her?

We call her Sokulesowhat after the Sokule
Theme song and because she lets you brand
the Sokule manual for Fr*ee. She's good that
way. She Lets you put your own links in our Sokule
manaul which is called

Sokule:This is not your grandmother's Social Media Site.

With your own links, you can give that guide
away and get people to know Sokule and sign
up under you at Sokule because your link is
in the ebook.

But Granny has more then an ebook. She has
a mailer too so while she may not look like
much at first glance, she has her wiley
ways that you can use to get your own promos out.

Sokule and the others pretty much ignore
her and that just suits her fine:)


And Just to throw a Kink in the whole KuleWorks
we just launched a new site called KuleCash

It's a Mailer.
Of course it's a mailer!
You can reach 125,000 of our list members at
their contact addresses and you can do that
right now.

And it is more than a mailer
You can get your text ads up
Your banner ads up
Your exit ads up
Your link ads up

And they get seen because everyone wins
prizes all day long at KuleCash by reading
your ads. You can even win ca*ah at KuleCash
just by reading ads.

I love this site.
I am there all the time

So as you can see.
We are The Kule Family. (Pronounced Cool)

And you thought we were just Sokule.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: Anyone joining and upgrading in any of
the Kule's Today or, in the case of KuleSearch
funding their account today with 50 or more,
will get a Kule Million sokens added to their
Sokule account for each upgrade. (Value 1270.00)

Here is how you collect
Upgrade today at a Kule Site
Send me your full name, your payment receipt for
the site you upgraded in. Your username for
Sokule and email me at


Please allow 24 to 48 hours for your sokens to
be added to your account.

If you are not yet a member of Sokule Join us
right here


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