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I Don't Know my Matrixes from my levels but...
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I Don't Know my Matrixes from my levels but...


I have don't know my levels from my matrixes but
here is what I do know...

I put up 24.95 bucks and on launch date
I had 3730.27 in my account no ifs and
or butts

So these matrixes or levels or whatchamacallits are
really fill up fast.

I am gobsmacked.
This site is really only a couple of weeks old
and a 24.95 investment paid off big time.


Let's see that is a return of over 150 times my money

I don't really understand payplans unless
they are one level deep and

Gregg spent at least 10 minutes on the phone
with me the other day trying to describe the
different between matrixes and levels and what
have you and yes! You guessed it. My eyes glazed over:)

I am sure Gregg was in tears by the time he finished
trying to get my head around what everyone else
seems to understand but...

Here is what I do know...

I have my money back 150 times over in just two weeks
I have a team that came roaring out of the
front door on day 1

I have a mailer that I can send solo ads from
every 3 days.

If you have not yet upgraded, go do it
Then go sign people up under you. If you
are like me, you may not know your matrixes
from your levels but you will ea*rn some
dough here.


Go now and get organized and set up. Spend the
24.95 so that you earn from anyone who joins
under us and so that you can use the mailer.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: For all those who upgrade under my link, you will
get a double up sokule bonus of 1 million sokens
(Value 1270.00). See how to collect below.

When you upgrade under my link send me your
full name, your payment receipt to FAP and your
Sokule username and I will double your sokens
bonus to 1 million.


If you are not yet a member of Sokule, join us
right here.



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