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My Simple Formula For Maintaining My Good Health and Financial Well Being- 1-6-2011C
1-6-2011C by Walter Paul Bebirian
1-6-2011C by Walter Paul Bebirian




The more I breathe deeply and the more water I drink as well as the less food I eat - the healthier I become -This formula allows the circulation of my blood to continue on throughout all parts of my body without any blockages occuring which only then hinder other parts of my system from receiving both oxygen and a sufficient amount of nutrients that are needed to remain healthy -

The financial systems in the Capital System that we are living in can be kept healthy in such a manner as well - by working at a formula of producing goods and services to promote the well being of others - by not over consuming so as not to place too much resource material towards fun and pleasures and by saving some of that income which I have earned - there will never be an over abundance of want and a healthy balance will be maintained throughout my financial system  -    



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