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Latest ONDROX antioxidant testimonial by HIV patient

Testimonial from Betsie Bolger: We found out about Ondrox antioxidant when my husband's doctor pescribed it for him as part of his HIV regimen. It gave him more energy and an enhanced sense of well being within just a souple of weeks and kep him stong through several changes of cocktail and one scary year of frequent hospital stays. I've been taking it for the past three or four years and have likewise benefited (although I am HIV-). We order 3 months' supply at a time, and when a delivery recently went astray, we really felt the lack of Ondrox within just a few days:less energy, duller skin, eyes, and hair; and just the sense that someting in our overall wellness was missing. I credit Ondrox with helping to save my husband's life during this past decade, and it made my life better too. Ondrox can be found on http://www.ondrox.com


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