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Do You Know You Have Lots Of Mo*ney here- She Said...
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Do You Know You Have Lots Of Mo*ney here- She Said...


True Story...

I am taking my Cap off to the Vicki and James.

Many months ago I told you about a site called Cap.


Vicki and James told me they had found a way to
keep a cycler going forever. I was skeptical but...

I listened. It sounded like a plan. I thought
I would give it a try.

At that time, the cost to enter was 85.95 and
so I bought one unit. It came with with
2 solo ad mailings and I pay that kind of
money all the time, even for one solo ad
mailing so...

I said- what the hey.I will pay 85.95 for
2 solo ads. Nothing to lose there.

Then they added a way to get in for a far
cheaper price-8 bucks. So I bought 1 unit
of that. It came with some text and banner
ads so I said: What the hey.

Then they lowered the top price of 85.95 price
to 42.95 which I didn't know until yesterday

So I kind of gave up on the site because it
had been many months since I paid the 85.95
and the site hadn't officially.

Not much was happening, or so it seemed
to me, So I filed it under-look back at
some time in the future.

The future came yesterday.

I must have missed the offcial launch because

Yesterday, I got a call from Vicki who said:

"Do You know you have lots of mo*ney sitting
over at CAP?"

" I do?" I Responded, kind of lamely.

"Yes,"She Said. "Go check it."

So I did and I found that I had 970.00
waiting to be collected for my 89.95 plus
8.00 investment.

Let's Do the Math

I invested 97.95.
The site returned 970.00 to me plus
2 solo ad runs.

That's almost a 10 times return on my dough.

I'll take that in New York Minute! And I
did. I requested the payout yesterday and
yesterday 970.00 popped into my account.

So, Today, I bought another unit of 42.95 and
in popped another solo ad mailing much to
my delight. I am going to use it later today.

By the way, if you buy 2 units today, it
comes with 1 million sokens at Sokule
and you will see how to collect that in
the members area where it says bonuses.
The Value of those sokens alone is 1270.00.

So lets recap

Like me you can spend 89.95 and get 2 solos.

Or you can spend 42.95 and get 1 solo.

Like me you can cycle and end up with
970.00 for those positions over time.

And you can collect 1 million sokens at Sokule(value
1270.00) when you buy 2 units.

Of you can buy an 8.00 unit which returns
150.00 over time and still come out with
a very good deal.

All and all I would say this is an offer
you cannot afford to refuse.


I like mailers
You know I like mailers
42.95 for a mailing is cheap in my book
even without the 970.00 return

So give this is try or order more units if
you are already in and who knows maybe you
will get a call from Vicki telling you

"Do You know you have mo*ney sitting over at CAP"

That's a nice call to get.

Go get um

Jane Mark
Sokule, Inc

PS: This is not a get rich quick kind of site.
You buy your solo ad mailing and use it. If
you want more buy it again and collect the
sokens and then just wait.

The idea behind this site is that everyone
is advertising for everyone at the site. The
cycling units get parked in a gym somewhere
and get allocated to everyone at the site.
Oh heck. Now I am getting in over my paygrade
Me trying to explain a payplan to anyone is
like my dog Cuddles pretending he likes my cats:)

I go by bottom lines:

The bottom line here is this:

I got my dough back 10 times over.
I got 2 solo ad runs for my dough and so I
am doing it again. Go and do likewise.

PPS If you are not yet a member of Sokule,
join us here to collect your 1 million sokens
bonus http://sokule.com


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