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Apologies...........The Money Fish are Back and Biting!

The Moneyfish are back and biting......

Apologies to all who caught no fish, the last few days......

A few days back I invited you all on a fishing trip, to catch the mighty moneyfish,

Unfortunately there was a technical hitch, and the trip was cancelled at the last moment.

The fish are back to stay-You can catch them here:


Here is a more detailed explanation of the problem from

Mathew Getty and myMoneyFish team

Two days ago yet another incident with the now former abusive server occurred (the one that shut the site down, without warning, due to only a few spam complaints caused by the actions of a couple of members spamming the myMoneyFish url).

We made the wise decision to terminate such an abusive and cruel relationship once and for all, and to look for a truly trusted server off shore.

Although, this new server has a very highly priced monthly ticket it will certainly guarantee us not only the handling of our heavy traffic but also that all of our members will be treated with respect, and the shutting down of the site for just one spam offence would be just a very "ridiculous and abusive move" as they clearly put it.

Of course, this shift created an extra challenge. Like the former abusive server lying to us about their "promise" of keeping our already fully paid site up until the move was completed so there wouldn't be any down time.... And yet, they pulled the plug without warning, days before the new server was even ready.
Then other challenges like the transferring of such large files and the huge database, also contributed to the longer than expected completion of the move.
Now, our frustration was tremendous indeed! Mainly due to the abusive server backing out on their word and causing these new challenges to us and to the members that were waiting and advertising.
So here is where we stand now:

1) A new trusted off-shore server.

2) We have had to move the Launching date to Monday, February the 1st due to all these last incidents mentioned above.

3) We will start paying the qualified members starting the 25th of January. They will be paid in the order that they came, starting with the ones that have been in the program for at least 30 days.

4) The recurring monthly withdrawals will then be paid every 30 days from the time you have received your first pay out.

5) The issues of paid pending members and the ones needed to re-group will be all taken care of.

6) Any other issue that a new member might have we ask you to please find the answers in the QaA page on the site or if you can get into the members backroom area, read the FAQ (it is more detailed)

7) The Founding Fathers (and Mothers) will be taken care of in the order that they came and in the importance of their need. For example; any Founding member that has less than the required qualified members on their first level will be given priority over those that have that or more. This means that starting February we will be advertising online and offline for those members till they get at least their qualifying amount of people and then we will move on to the rest of the Founding members. Note: the Founding Fathers or members will also have the advantage of a permanent position on the FF Randomizer, and this will continuously bring more members to their matrices faster due to the perpetual advertising of the Randomizer site.

8) We are installing: a trouble ticket software, Liberty Reserve, a promo movie, a Spanish site, banners, capture pages, auto-responders and much more.

9) We'll be issuing bullet proof jackets to every member to go with their big monthly pay outs... just kidding (about the jackets that is)!

We want to thank you once more for your patience and trust, and we are very excited to be able to serve all of our members with our new site and all of its protection and its upgrades as we prepare to officially launch this highly anticipated easy and proven myMoneyFish wealth generating opportunity.

To your wealth, health and happiness,

Mathew Getty and myMoneyFish team

I would just like to add my personal apologisies to all potential new members waiting to join us during this down time,and as a mymoneyfish member I trust this move to a new server will benefit us all. 
Kind thoughts Always


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